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As a Privacy professional, life is never dull! We are all familiar with how frequently we see privacy issues emerging in both new and existing technologies and business models. 

By 2014, over 100 countries had adopted data privacy laws and a UK Government (BIS) survey recently reported that at least 93% of large businesses and 87% of smaller businesses experienced a security breach in 2013.

Therefore, it is not surprising that a 2014 ACC survey showed that 79% of Chief Legal Officers globally said that information privacy is their top priority. We are aware that these issues often cause concern for our boards of directors and senior management and that we need to keep up to date with all developments by creating a network to support and help us bridge knowledge-gaps in our Privacy and IS technical know-how.

The C&I Privacy Group allows us to reach out to like-minded privacy professionals, access a bank of valuable practical and legal knowledge and sense check our ideas in a safe and informed environment.

Discussions are conducted under strict Chatham House Rules allowing participants to benefit from each other’s experience across a range of sectors and industries.