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Corporate Governance Committee issues guidance for in-house lawyers on indemnities for Directors and Officers.

“How suitable is our indemnity and insurance cover?”   As directors seek to understand the extent to which they could and should be sheltered from the consequences of their acts and omissions, the in-house lawyer may be called on to have a view.

This report includes inputs from acknowledged experts from outside the in-house legal community and considers the in-house lawyer’s role in dealing with these issues.  

Directors and officers attitudes to corporate risk can be influenced by their perception of the level of indemnity and insurance protection that they have.  This may affect how they response to commercial and business drivers and their associated risks.  This report highlights some of the corporate governance aspects of indemnities and insurance for directors and other officers, and suggests ways in which the in-house lawyer can and should get involved.

Many in-house counsel and their client boards will be facing difficult economic conditions.

Read the report.