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Corporate Governance


Welcome to the C&I Corporate Governance committee page of the website.  These pages are intended to help in-house lawyers access CG resources and extend their awareness of corporate governance.  We hope they provide useful support.  We welcome feedback;  you may like to join the discussions by signing up to our online community.

We aim to share best practice on corporate governance with a particular focus on where an in-house lawyer can best add value and help clients manage their legal risks.  For a general introduction to corporate governance and the role of in-house lawyers, take a look at two thought leadership papers – A Fine Line and Reconciling the Irreconcilable.

There are over 20,000 in-house lawyers in the UK.  The information on these pages may be of use to IHLs in every type and size of organisation.

You may find one starting point is ‘Corporate Governance Landscape’ – it explains how you can think about corporate governance in the context of your organisation.

Take a look at our Publications page for more resources